You deserve a mortgage that works for you

Finding and financing your home is a huge investment in time and money.
Your home equity should enhance your financial future. Not be a burden.

​Unfortunately, most home owners miss out on wealth-building opportunities
​because the industry just isn’t set up to help them make smart borrowing decisions.  

​We’re here to change all that.

The Borrow Smart Process™

Step 1: Strategic Planning

Here’s what most lenders don’t tell you: a lower mortgage rate combined with the wrong lending strategy can cost you thousands. We don’t just consider rates + fees. We provide a Total Cost Analysis that considers your unique financial situation and the market. ​

Step 2: Verification

Closing your loan is just the first step. We want to make sure it’s still the right loan for you as your financial goals evolve. That’s why we provide ongoing analysis and support. And we use technology to track your home equity over time.​
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Step 3: Strategic Reviews

We provide monthly and annual reviews to track your financial situation and make necessary adjustments to ensure you are maximizing your home equity to build wealth over time–not just paying off debts. ​

"This was the second home we've purchased, but I'd recommend this group hands down, as the communication was fantastic and process was as streamlined as possible."


Your Home Wealth Team

James Adair, CEO and mortgage expert of PDX Home Loan

James Adair

CEO, Your Loan Sherpa

I’m here to set the strategy, explain the process and ensure you maximize the return on your real estate investment.

Jessica Drumm, Lead Processor of PDX Home Loan

Jessica Drumm

Lead Processor

I’m here to execute your strategy, prepare your paperwork for underwriting and keep things running smoothly.

Stephanie Castelluccio, the Experience Manager of PDX Home Loan

Stephanie Castelluccio

Experience Manager

I’m here to answer your questions, make sure you understand next steps, and help you feel informed at every step. 

About James

I’ve always been a numbers guy. 
But my true love is music.

​As it turns out, I’m a better listener than musician. So, it’s no coincidence that my home loan career kicked off with me helping all my musician friends find homes.

I was shocked to discover just how unprepared most people are to navigate the whole process. And I realized the industry isn’t set up to make it any easier. Most lenders focus on the loan, when what most people need is advice on how to maximize their home wealth. 

I don’t have a platinum album to my name, but I am a Certified Liability Advisor (CLA). That means I’m trained to help homeowners understand mortgages, real estate, taxes and investing concepts.

Since I wasn’t born to be a rockstar, I’ve made it my mission to help people make smarter borrowing decisions and build wealth. 

Our Perfect Mortgage Promise

We believe everyone should be empowered to make smart borrowing decisions.
Our Borrow Smart Process™ ensures you’re making the best move for today and beyond.​

Infographic that shows the home buying process

"James didn't just help us get into our first home, he helped paint a financial picture of our lives and how our home and mortgage fit into that. We're still using him 4 years later."