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buying a house with co-signers

Multi-generational living: buying a house with co-signers

Buying a house with family members as a co-signer can often improve your outcome! I recently had the privilege of advising a family in purchasing a home in Portland. My main borrower was a first time home buyer, but he
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What To Do If You Are Underwater On Your House

Many of us are finding ourselves living in homes worth less than we paid to purchase them (myself included).  Some of us purchased with a down payment, to find that equity we started with evaporating at what seems to be
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Two Portland Mortgage Success Stories

It has been a very busy time for us at Mortgage Trust. Rates are super low and holding steady, and the window for that $8,000.00 tax credit is fast closing. Affordability is rising across the board, and the annual end of
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The Difference Between New & Old FHA Rules

Just recently for Portland Home Loan, I prepared an analysis for 4 purchase scenarios on the same property.  It is a purchase of $300,000 here in Portland, OR, and the 4 options are: – 5% down conforming – 10% down conforming,
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Refinancing an Option Arm = Tax Write Off Bonanza

I received a very welcome email from my main man Grant Folske CPA telling me that I will be getting a refund from the IRS this year! One of the things that popped out at me that I had always been curious
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More Mixed Messages About $8k Credit

So I’ve posted links to press releases from HUD chief Shaun Donovan claiming plans to “monetize” the $8000 Credit in the form of some kind of nebulous “bridge loan” program. Then I posted an article showing how this plan was Dead on Arrival. Now
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Greece is the Word!

Mortgage rates had a wild ride today where we saw a swing of over 80 basis points as the international markets continue to have concerns about Greek debt. Fixed rate mortgage pricing is fully informed by yields on FNMA Mortgage
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Escrow Holdback Season Starts NOW

OK! A strange phenomenon is taking hold of the Portland metro area real estate closing statments: ESCROW HOLDBACKS! Oregon is a little different in the way we collect our property taxes- we only do it ONCE per year, due in November. For all
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2010 Mortgage Rates Prediction

Ok, I’m just going to go out there and do it. This is what the internet is all about right? People getting out there and putting out opinion and information and hoping that it gets read. Perhaps I could drive
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What is the best way to pay your mortgage?

So now you’ve got a mortgage.  What is the best way to pay it?  Should you make extra payments? What about bi-weekly payment programs?  Should you sign up for auto pay directly with your mortgage lender? There are lots of
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