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What is Correspondent Lending?

I’ll try to make this brief, because this is kind of a boring topic, but a very important one if you are in the real estate industry. There are a variety of ways that homebuyers access Mortgages, and its becoming
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Operation Twist = Mortgage Rate Bonanza

Yesterday’s announcement from the Fed’s quarterly meeting was a major market mover–especially for mortgage rates.  Ben Bernanke announced the initiation of something called ‘operation twist’, which many market observers were prepared for, but my understanding is the tone of the
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Mortgage Rate Volatility and the End of the Refinance Boom

Kind of feels like an epic hangover.  The low low rate party that seemed like it would never end, has come to a decidedly abrupt change in direction.  The sunlight is streaming into the windows, our clothes are all wrinkled,
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Mortgage Rate Apocalypse

Now that I’ve got your attention, here is the real truth about the current state of mortgage rates. From the industry that has been “crying wolf” for the last I-don’t-know-how-many years about “low low rates,” I know that this is
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MDIA: Mortgage Disclosure Changes

Starting August 1st of this year, the Mortgage industry at large will be operating a little differently… specifically, operating MORE SLOWLY. August first is when the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act becomes enforced. Now like many government regulations, its reason for
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Look on the Bright Side of Home Loans This Holiday Season

Did you know that the national “Look on the Bright Side Day” is this Friday, December 21st? It may be cold and dreary outside, but there are plenty of reasons to look on the bright side. The economy is improving,
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Loan Modification: Buyer Beware

I am very dubious about this new “loan modification” industry that is cropping up nationwide. It would seem that some bright marketing minds that have been in the mortgage business for many years, are seeing an opportunity to be “where
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Introducing Transitions Finance

Portland Home Loan is super excited to roll out a new website and new offering to my clients and partners.  I’m calling it “Transitions Finance”, and the focus is on debt management and personal finance planning.  Some things that this
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If your rate is above 4.5%

I’ve been hearing the radio ads just like everyone else, and our favorite breathless loan cheerleader has lately been urging you to call him “if your rate is higher than 4.5%”. I’m sure he would love to refinance you over
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How to save your money: Webinar invitation

“Establishing your cash reserve:  the first step to financial safety” Join James Adair from Portland Home Loan for a Webinar on July 28: 12:15-12:50  (during your lunch hour) Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: YES! I WOULD
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