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Get Tax Credit Sooner Than Now!

I just read this blurb over the newswire and thought it merited a blogpost. Shaun Donovan, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, said that the Federal Housing Administration is going to permit its lenders to allow
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Free Resources for Divorcing Couples in Portland, Oregon

someone you know is contemplating a divorce, do them a favor and send them a link to this blog post.  Helping families in a divorce is one of my core services as a mortgage professional.  I can help families get
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FHA Streamline: How to Qualify

I should have subtitled this post: “Why you might NOT Qualify” The FHA mortgage continues to be one of the most popular mortgages in Portland.  The reason for this is undoubtedly its FLEXIBILITY.  The FHA loan is the easiest to
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Closing Times: The Lifecycle of a Mortgage

Most folks in the biz are probably aware of this by now, but the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act is officially upon us. What this means in plain terms is that the loan process will take longer to accomplish now. There
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Asset Verification and Sourcing deposits for mortgage approval

Getting a loan these days is incredibly INCOME driven, but an often overlooked part of the approval process is asset verification.  Ignore this part at your own PERIL! It is extremely important for the loan originator to know how much
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Why is Mortgage Underwriting So Crazy?

Why is the loan approval process so difficult these days? Well,  the answer is complicated. The truth is that the approval and funding process for a conforming, FHA, or VA, government insured mortgage has never been more complex since I’ve
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What is a Mortgage? (Probably more than what you think)

Time to break things way down.  Let’s deconstruct what exactly it is we’re dealing with here in the mortgage industry.  I’ve been in the mortgage loan game since 2003 and it never ceases to thrill me when we close and
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Timmy G Says: “Americans Should Refinance Now”

Treasury secretary Tim Geithner made some comments today that the Fed has “achieved its goal” of lowering interest rates through the purchase of Mortgage Backed Securites. I don’t know how much longer they will do this… I imagine that this
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The Home Valuation Code of Conduct

Well, its finally here. the HVCC! (it stands for Home Valuation Code of Conduct) What does this mean? Well it means that all mortgage companies can NO LONGER order their own appraisals for Conforming mortgages. This is NOT a law,
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The END of Tightening Mortgage Approval Guidelines

I just read an article this morning about how Freddie Mac has posted a 3 BILLION dollar profit for Q2 of 2012.  This means a couple things: (objective fact) – That they will NOT require any more “bailout” funds from
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