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Skipping a payment when you refinance

Mortgage borrowers of the world!  It’s time for some “real talk” about the true and actual benefits of refinancing a mortgage. I often get clients who are excited about “skipping a payment” as a result of the refinance process.  And
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Refinance Your Mortgage: It’s a No Brainer

Changing your mortgage can be a daunting task. However, when mortgage rates are falling, the cost savings that one can achieve through refinancing is such that it’s worth the annoyance of going through the process. If you originally took out
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Potential Jumbo Refinancing Candidates

So, if you pay attention to this blog, you know that interest rates have popped up from their mind-boggling lows in early November.  Mortgage Refinances still make a ton of sense for many, but some are waiting for a return
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Portland Report: May 2009

Latest installment of the “Portland Report” We cover the new Make Home Affordable initiative, as well as tips for 2009 “spring buying season” for both buyers and sellers.

Planning for Retirement (60 Minutes Video)

I have never been too excited about the prospect of living off of my 401k proceeds in my golden years. I’m pretty young, so its a fairly abstract concept anyway, but it has never seemed to fully make sense that
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New HARP loan “HARP 2” + new FHA loan limits 2011

Christmas might be coming early for homeowners in Oregon and Washington!  The Obama administration has been putting pressure on banks to come up with ways to extend opportunities to refinance into lower rates in recent months, and it appears that
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Mortgage Rates for Portland OR: Sept 18th 2013 FED DAY!

HOLEY MOLEY! Anyone reading this is likely aware about the FED’s Taper talk, and why it matters to mortgage rates.   I was cautiously optimistic that we would get a break out of our recent bond trading range after the
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Mortgage Rates for Portland OR: August 16th 2013

After a nice calm 3 weeks where mortgage rates drifted slowly and gently down, we’re re-entering a period of volatility in the bond market, and the effect is MORTGAGE RATES INCREASING. Again the FED is ruling our world. The issue
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Mortgage Rates: Explained

If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, you’ll want a deep understanding of mortgage rates. However, navigating the dark waters of the confusing financial lingo may be intimidating at first. Hopefully, with this handy guide from your
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