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Get Your Tax Credit NOW

I just received a very generous offer from my CPA here in Portland, Grant Folske. He has offered any of my clients a flat fee of $200 to file an amended 2008 tax return. If you’ve become a first time
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First Time Home Buyer Programs in Portland, Oregon

I was recently made aware of an OLD program called the “MCC” (Mortgage Credit Certificate).  The MCC Program is a special benefit for the first time home buyers in the Portland, OR market.  If you are a first time home
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Financial Health: A Great Link!

I just came across this really cool tool on CNN Money.com. It only takes about 3 minutes to plug in the information, and its a good barometer for where you are at. *Full disclosure* – My grade was a B+.
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Fed Meeting Effect

The result of today’s Fed meeting is that they are leaving their key interest rate unchanged. Their optimistic tone about the “easing of our recession” has created a huge surge in the market place. Stock market is going up, a
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Economy Shows a Pulse – This Could Effect Rates

We’ve had a stunning run here in the last 2 weeks with conforming 30 year fixed rates holding steady at around 4.75%. Now that the fist quarter is in the books we’ve got “earnings season”! This means that all the
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Down payment assistance for buyers who qualify

The PDX Home Loan team is proud to offer down payment assistance grants from the National Homebuyers Fund through what is called the “NHF Platinum” purchase program. Down payment assistance grants, also known as “DPA programs” were all the rage
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Converting your IRA to a Roth = A Great Opportunity

File this one under,  “Check with your financial planner and tax adviser before taking action.” So now that the Lebron’s choice episode is behind us, we can focus on another reason why 2010 is a unique moment in our financial
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Buying with cash and then refinancing it back: FNMA delayed financing

Q:  How soon can you refinance a piece of real estate after you’ve bought it, if you acquired it with cash? A:  The very next day!  (maybe)-  thanks to a quirky provision in the Fannie mae guidelines called “delayed financing”.
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Becoming a first time Landlord

So you want to become a real estate investor….. How to begin?  First of all,  I applaud you!  Most don’t get the gumption to act on their intuition about owning investment real estate in Portland, but here you are- You
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About to Get Buck-wild

Hey First time buyers…. Where will you be when the music stops? With the combination of new regulations that are making the lending process more cumbersome, and the looming deadline for the first time buyers credit (that’s right, I said
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