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James Adair

NMLS 272766, Licensed Oregon Mortgage Broker
(503) 445-6033

Why Choose James?

It has never been more important to work with an experienced professional when getting a mortgage. Loan approvals are increasingly complex, and the rules of the game are changing rapidly. So "why choose James"? My company and my team are on the cutting edge of all the changes, and we're committed to making your mortgage experience as smooth as possible, but here is what you will get from me as my client in addition to this.
  • Honesty: I will always do my best to set your expectations properly, and keep you completely informed as we go.
  • Value: Your mortgage is the total cost of rates and fees OVER TIME. I will give you an outstanding combination of interest rate, loan fees, and market intelligence. You won't need to shop for price, because I will do the shopping for you, as well as make recommendations about when the right moment to lock will be.
  • Follow Through: After closing I will continue to work with you as your needs and circumstances change.

James educates clients on the financing options and helps them analyze and select the best option for them. He puts the customer experience first, and is a consistent, timely, and articulate communicator.

— Bob Portland, Oregon

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How does the mortgage process work?

How does the mortgage process work?

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