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Being located in the majestic Pacific Northwest, we chat with clients daily about financing a vacation home. Beyond the obvious recreational benefits of owning a vacation home, a secondary residence or investment property is a smart way to diversify your assets. In the current era of Airbnb, renting (even if only seasonally) can be a smart long-term strategy. There have never been more ways to create positive revenue streams from owning real estate.

Financing A Vacation Home

Everything You Need to Know

Beyond offering well-deserved rest and relaxation, a vacation home can be a sound “lifestyle” investment. What do we mean by that? The decision to invest your money into a physical sanctuary or special place to retreat with your loved ones isn’t always driven with cash flow or income in mind. However, simply owning real estate will usually create positive equity over time in addition to the positive lifestyle effect.

A Vacation Rental Property Mortgage May Pay for Itself

Today, with platforms like Airbnb and others, it’s easier than ever for owners to automate the entire booking process and simply sit back, relax, and watch the assets pile up from afar. With the right plan, location, and digital infrastructure in place, it’s totally possible for a mortgage on rental property to pay for itself.

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It’s important to note, that the vast majority of first-time landlords don’t actually buy rental property. Instead, these individuals buy primary residences, live in these homes for a few years, and then acquire a new primary residence while converting the last home into a rental property.


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