Any run-of-the-mill mortgage broker can promise to deliver top-notch customer service and a great mortgage rate.

However, mortgage lender reviews often depict a vastly different scenario. As the classic saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. That said, in the digital age, online resources such as Yelp and Google make it easier than ever for real customers to pen real reviews for the world to see. Here’s a look at just a few of the rather lengthy list of 5-star James Adair Portland mortgage reviews. Feel free to take a look at the full gauntlet of online mortgage reviews and decide for yourself.

First-Time Home Buyer Loan Mortgage Reviews

5 stars!!! Luckily the first two recommendations we found were horrible and my fiancé found James online. 3rd time is a charm. James and his team are very friendly and knowledgeable and were a complete pleasure to work with (Stephanie, Jessica, and the rest of the team). They made everything very, very clear, and this was our first home, so we appreciated it. James sends videos, which was nice to see him before we actually met, and I still think it’s pretty awesome that they have their own app. Will recommend it to everyone!!! Thanks again to the whole team!

William N.

As a first time home buyer, I was pretty intimated (and completely uninformed) about the process. I met with James before deciding to dive in, and he helped me break down what I could afford, how it would affect my taxes and other finances, and how the process would work. During the process, James and his staff were friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, and always answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. The whole thing went so smoothly (and he was able to lock me at an incredibly low rate!). I never had to worry that I wasn’t in good hands with James and his team, which helped make my first home purchase a lot of fun rather than a lot of stress.

Anne J.

James and his team were very responsive and helpful throughout the process of obtaining a mortgage, answering our questions promptly and laying out our options clearly and concisely. Stephanie and Jessica kept us in the loop on where we were in the process timeline, and when there were moments of miscommunication, they promptly corrected them and got us back on track, allowing us to close 3 days earlier than expected.

The team’s focus on tech was really helpful, as well; it was so much easier to upload our documents securely and all at once than to fax/email them separately. And with the market being as competitive as it is, we needed to quickly get pre-approval paperwork 3 separate times (and for 3 different amounts), and their third-party mobile app made that quick and easy. And since they use DocuSign, the paperwork was all a breeze, too. This was the second home we’ve purchased, but I’d recommend this group, especially for first-time home buyers, as the communication was fantastic and the process as streamlined as possible.

Christa M.

I worked with three different mortgage brokers throughout my home purchasing process, and the guys at PDX Home Loan not only offered the best customer service, but also matched the lowest rates in the market. I also found these guys on Yelp, and was impressed by their consistent 5-star reviews; and they certainly deserve it. James and Jessica were both amazing: very attentive to our needs as first-time home buyers, very methodical and organized through the process, and really kept everything moving along on our timeline.

As a millennial, I truly appreciated their easiness to work with new technologies and virtual tools, particularly for uploading files, communicating loan details, and signing documents. I will certainly recommend them to my friends and family, as well as use them again for any other properties in the future!

Erich P.

James and his team at PDX Home Loan could not have made our first time home buying experience more enjoyable. From approval to close, James and his team were there every step of the way to answer questions, offer guidance, and ensure that we were matched with the best product to fit our financial situation. Loved the personal touch of his video email recaps, in which he took the time to explain the product options and benefits in detail, putting us at ease and confirming that James was the lender for us.

Best of all, he was there when we needed him most — 5:30 on a Friday afternoon — and was on the phone with us helping us close the deal on our new home. I’d recommend James to anyone in need of a mortgage product.

Scott S.

Portland Mortgage Broker Reviews: Oregon Home Buyers Love James Adair!

As first time home buyers, we had a million questions about everything, all of which were promptly and thoroughly addressed by the PDX Home Loan team. James and Jessica explained everything, and I mean everything, about how home loans work and taught us all about the investment that buying a home really is. They left no stone unturned in tweaking the variables to get us the best deal, both short term and long term. With such knowledgeable, professional and alert people at our side, we could sleep well at night, knowing that any unforeseen hiccups or issues would all be taken care of. Top notch!

Peter N.

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to work with James and his team on a few different occasions this year, and I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

The PDX Home Loan team are not just great loan officers, they are great human beings. They are personable, hardworking, communicative, proactive and make the loan process, which can sometimes be frustrating, transparent and enjoyable.

I refer all my new clients to James and his team and will continue doing so for many years to come. I truly care about my clients, and it feels great to know they are in the best of hands with the PDX Home Loan Team.

Calle H.

I don’t know that I would’ve survived the mortgage process without the talent and care of the professionals at PDX Home Loans under James Adair’s supervision. I went from being terrified about the prospect of owning a home to completely understanding the entire process and being up to date on documents/requirements as needed faster than I dreamed possible. The house buying process can be exhausting, scary, and make you feel completely out of your depth. Luckily, I was able to confidently rely on the team at PDX Home Loans and close on the home of my dreams without any concerns.

My favorite aspect was how technologically savvy the team was. They have their own app that’s fleshed out really well to be able to pre-approve you and get you started on the buying process. The survey to screen your eligibility is thorough and gives you a great idea of what’s necessary to qualify. Finally, the use of Box.com to compile and review all documents necessary made the process such a breeze.

I strongly recommend James and his team. Every suggestion made by them felt really well thought out and took care of us like I never imagined possible. Don’t wait any longer. Give them a call.

Carlos H.

I get a chance to work with James regularly, and he is so unique in the sense that he has the mind to help people like most lenders cannot and the heart and conscience that most lenders don’t. I highly recommend James Adair.

Justin S.

Sierra Pacific Mortgage Lender James Adair: a Hit with Real Estate Agents

I worked on a deal with James; I am a real estate agent and I represented the buyers, and he was their lender. Everything went very smoothly and we closed on time. My interaction with James and his team was professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to future clients.

Jill P.

James Adair is a trusted broker that I think of first when I first meet clients in my Real Estate business. He and his team are organized, quick, and on top of all of the details to keep my clients happy in the process of purchasing their new home. James and his team truly SERVE the client, and I have never been disappointed referring him on to my clients.

Matt R.