We help you build wealth faster with ​smarter borrowing decisions

Transforming confused mortgage consumers
into savvy homeowners.

You want your money to work for you

Not the other way around.
You want to know the smartest move for you and your money.

That means having answers to questions like:

​Should I put more money down on the purchase?
Should I pay extra principal payments on my mortgage?

Unlock a lifetime of wealth with your home

Our 7-step process shows you the true value of where to put your money over time. 
So you can be sure you are making the right decision.
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Mortgages are deceptively complicated. The lowest rate isn’t always the lowest cost.

  • Understand ALL your options
  • Know how mortgages actually work
  • ​Make your mortgage work for YOU
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Our Borrow Smart Process™ takes the stress out of home buying and refinancing. ​
  • Make important money decisions with our 7-step system  
  • Always know your next best step
  • ​Become a total mortgage master
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Most lenders just help you through a 30-day mortgage closing. 
​Not us. ​
  • We give you monthly wealth updates
  • We review and adjust your plan annually
  • ​You save thousands with strategic advice

"I went from being terrified about the prospect of owning a home to completely understanding the entire process faster than I dreamed possible."


Our Services



We’ll help you determine the optimal mortgage financing plan for buying a home, then track it with monthly updates and annual reviews.



Not sure if you’ve still got the best mortgage for you NOW? We’ll help you optimize your financing once you already have a home. ​

Real Estate Review

Even if you’re not in the market for a mortgage, the Real Estate and Money review gives you a holistic understanding of your current equity position.

Maximize your financial safety

With a trusted Wealth Team in your corner.
5 Green Stars

More 5-star YELP reviews than any lender in Portland

​Top 1% of mortgage originators nationally in 2016

​15-year track record of helping home owners build wealth

Our Perfect Mortgage Promise

We believe everyone should be empowered to make smart borrowing decisions.
Our Borrow Smart Process™ ensures you’re making the best move for today and beyond.​

Infographic that shows the home buying process

Negotiating a home purchase and navigating the mortgage system is enough to make you feel temporarily insane.

James Adair, mortgage lender from PDX Home Loan in Portland Oregon

The problem is, mortgages are deceptively complicated. The lowest rate may not actually be your best option when you consider the total cost of borrowing over time (stuff like fees, PMI, EPR, taxes and liquidity).

With over 15 years of experience, we can help you avoid the pitfalls and make smarter borrowing decisions that save you thousands.

Our proven 7-step Borrow Smart Process™gives you a clear picture of your financial future and a plan to unlock a lifetime of wealth with your home. 
We’re here to help you choose the right loan strategy to get you more return on your investment over time. But this isn’t just about getting a mortgage. It’s about getting clear on how to make smart money decisions. ​

Are you leaving money on the table?

Most lenders only focus on the loan, without even assessing if it’s right for you.

​We're here to help you maximize your home wealth.

Our strategic mortgage planning process shows you a proven way to maximize your 
financial safety, your liquidity, and your overall return on real estate investment.  

It helps you unlock a lifetime of financial freedom with smarter borrowing decisions.