Free Resources for Divorcing Couples in Portland, Oregon

someone you know is contemplating a divorce, do them a favor and send them a link to this blog post.  Helping families in a divorce is one of my core services as a mortgage professional.  I can help families get their finances and debts clarified and organized, as well as help them make clear decisions about what their options are with any real estate holdings.  Not only have I been specially trained in analyzing real estate, liabilities and credit and how they apply to a divorcing family, but I also offer a FREE online resource for divorcing couples in Portland called “Divorce Shield”.

The divorce shield service is a completely free, anonymous website where you can download a customized plan for yourself that will highlight the specific decisions you will have to make.


I couldn’t be more proud to offer this informational resource about divorce to my clients and blog readers.  There has never before been a single place to find a WEALTH of best practice information as well as access to a variety of local professionals who are also specially trained in 12 key aspects of the divorce process.  Logging into this site is completely anonymous, and users will never be contacted by me or any other professionals that sponsor these reports.

These reports have information about:

Modes of divorce:

  • “kitchen table divorce”
  • “mediation”
  • “collaborative divorce”
  • “litigated divorce”

You will find worksheets on what to expect with the cost of divorce, including:

  • Budgeting worksheet
  • Saving worksheet

You will find access to financial professionals that can advise on:

  • Asset planning
  • Insurance concerns
  • Real estate buying/selling

You will find access to mediators, collaborative divorce professionals, divorce attorneys, and family counselors, as well.

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