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Introducing Transitions Finance

Portland Home Loan is super excited to roll out a new website and new offering to my clients and partners.  I’m calling it “Transitions Finance”, and the focus is on debt management and personal finance planning.  Some things that this
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Why is Mortgage Underwriting So Crazy?

Why is the loan approval process so difficult these days? Well,  the answer is complicated. The truth is that the approval and funding process for a conforming, FHA, or VA, government insured mortgage has never been more complex since I’ve
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HARP 2.0: Introducing Looser Refinance Rules

There are three new mortgage programs that are making waves in the mortgage world right now.  To call them “new” is a bit bold – they are actually new rules for loan programs that have been around for awhile. It’s
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Financial Health: A Great Link!

I just came across this really cool tool on CNN Money.com. It only takes about 3 minutes to plug in the information, and its a good barometer for where you are at. *Full disclosure* – My grade was a B+.
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Economy Shows a Pulse – This Could Effect Rates

We’ve had a stunning run here in the last 2 weeks with conforming 30 year fixed rates holding steady at around 4.75%. Now that the fist quarter is in the books we’ve got “earnings season”! This means that all the
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Down payment assistance for buyers who qualify

The PDX Home Loan team is proud to offer down payment assistance grants from the National Homebuyers Fund through what is called the “NHF Platinum” purchase program. Down payment assistance grants, also known as “DPA programs” were all the rage
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Buying with cash and then refinancing it back: FNMA delayed financing

Q:  How soon can you refinance a piece of real estate after you’ve bought it, if you acquired it with cash? A:  The very next day!  (maybe)-  thanks to a quirky provision in the Fannie mae guidelines called “delayed financing”.
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