How to save your money: Webinar invitation

“Establishing your cash reserve:  the first step to financial safety”

Join James Adair from Portland Home Loan for a Webinar on July 28: 12:15-12:50  (during your lunch hour)

Space is limited.
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What exactly will we discuss?

The first step to ensuring long-term financial safety, and protecting yourself from life’s unexpected events, is establishing an appropriate Cash Reserve, or “Emergency Fund”.

This event will be presented by Trevor Hammond from Makena financial.  He is a certified financial coach, and liability advisor.  He is also the inventor and CEO of  “My Financial Independence Coach“.

Please register and join us for this 35-minute complimentary webinar, brought to you by Mortgage Trust, Inc.  You will learn:

– How much do I need, based on my unique situation?
– How should I get it started?
– Where should I save it?
– What happens when I’m forced to use some of it?
– Should I pay off debt or establish my cash reserves first?

So bring your lunch back to your desk, log in, and learn during this 35 minute on-line workshop.

*Space is limited for this online event, so register soon!

PS – Have a friend who would like to attend?  Simply forward this post to them.  This exclusive event is for clients, friends, and partners of Mortgage Trust, Inc.  We are committed to helping you achieve a safer, more successful financial future!

Title: Lunch & Learn Webinar – Establishing Your Cash Reserve: The First Step to Financial Safety!
Date: Thursday, July 28, 2011
Time: 12:15 PM – 12:50 PM PDT
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