Introducing Transitions Finance

Portland Home Loan is super excited to roll out a new website and new offering to my clients and partners.  I’m calling it “Transitions Finance”, and the focus is on debt management and personal finance planning.  Some things that this service is NOT:

    1. Transitions Finance is NOT a debt consolidation service
  1. Transitions Finance is NOT a financial planning service (meaning: this isn’t a service that buys or sells investments etc.)

What this service IS:  Transitions Finance is an educational service that allows people to better understand their current debts, and their options for creating the life they want.  Portland Home Loan performs an analysis about the entirety of a person’s income and debts.  We take an inventory of all debts, and determine the total cost of those debts.  We can make recommendations about how best to get OUT of debt using various “debt snowball” strategies.  My Borrow Smart analysis software will help us figure out how much money to apply to which debts in which order, to achieve the most cost savings for you.

Beyond this debt payoff planning, Transitions Finance also has an online personal finance coaching service called “My Financial Independence Coach” (MFIC) that will provide continuing education about everything around a family’s finances.  The MFIC system has easy-to-understand lessons or modules about topics including:

The website has an easy to follow dashboard that tracks your progress as you move through the steps.  This service also includes weekly coaching articles that will be emailed to you with stories of encouragement and proven words of wisdom.  This service is free to my clients, and includes the option to upgrade from the free service to a more intensive personal finance coaching with a certified liability expert if they feel they are stuck and/or need extra accountability.

All of my mortgage clients past and present will receive free access to this coaching platform, as well as a full debt analysis with recommendations to achieve whatever goals are established during the mortgage process.

Visit TransitionsFinance.com for more details.

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