Planning for Retirement (60 Minutes Video)

I have never been too excited about the prospect of living off of my 401k proceeds in my golden years. I’m pretty young, so its a fairly abstract concept anyway, but it has never seemed to fully make sense that you can just “save” the money to live off of indefinitely. I understand that the compounding effect is what really puts things over the top for you, but lately the markets have obliterated years of gains. I recently saw an episode of 60 minutes that speaks to the pain many are going through with massive losses in their 401k just a few years before they were planning on living off the proceeds. There are some parts of this story that are hard to watch, but I feel that its important to think about. If you are assuming that your 401k will be the main foundation for your retirement income, please contact me. I want to look into your whole financial picture and help you to assemble a team of professionals to clarify your goals and help you execute them.

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