Why is Mortgage Underwriting So Crazy?

Why is the loan approval process so difficult these days? Well,  the answer is complicated. The truth is that the approval and funding process for a conforming, FHA, or VA, government insured mortgage has never been more complex since I’ve been in the business (since 2003). To get to the root of this issue we need to get into the way-back machine and go back to the year 2004.

This is the year of the ascendancy of the sub-prime mortgage industry. These companies realized that there was a HUGE appetite for AAA rated mortgage backed securities. So they began to package and feed mortgages into these secondary markets (the two biggest of which are known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) created by the investment banking companies on Wall St., who in turn pooled the loans and created high yield bond offerings for pension funds, sovereign funds, endowments etc.

Every step of the way, the loan companies and the investment banks (and the pension funds) are making huge fees and returns and everyone is STOKED! …and they just want MORE MORTGAGES TO BE WRITTEN, right? So the mortgage origination companies began to widen the scope of what would be considered an acceptable lending risk, and loosen the before now standard restrictions that have kept many from buying real estate in the past. They OPEN THE FLOODGATES, and it’s never been easier to get a mortgage. Regular banks get wild too, just to keep up–because like I mentioned, every participant in this system is stacking up tons of cash and getting bonuses and high fives from their bosses and wives and parents, etc.

You’ve all heard the story by now, I’m sure, but eventually, we get too loose, and have packed so many horribly risky mortgages into the system that it begins to crater. Now its late 2006, and real estate appreciation begins to flatten, and decline. Defaults explode, mortgage companies start folding, and the slow motion train wreck that is known as the “foreclosure crisis” comes to pass. In 2007 we actually realize that Fannie Mae is bankrupt, but the government realizes that having them close down is unacceptable for America, so the Bush administration tells Fannie and Freddie to continue operating even though they are losing billions every quarter.

So… now we’re caught up to 2012. Still working within the FNMA/FHLMC (fannie/freddie) system, but now NOBODY is making money or high fiving their bosses. FNMA’s CEO actually just resigned unexpectedly a couple weeks ago. Every loan that gets pushed into this system is now just another THREAT! And the GSE’s continue to lose billions every quarter.

As a result, we are all seeing underwriting guidelines that are just outrageously comprehensive in the level of detail required from borrowers. So I don’t want anyone to be discouraged from attempting the process, but just be prepared to PROVE everything! And the approval process is now completely income driven. If you are hoping to get by on strength of credit and assets, you will be disappointed.

Here’s the key concept for you, dear reader: The job of the underwriter is to organize and document the details of the borrower and the property in such a way that is acceptable to the GSEs, and the GSEs could basically care less if they take on more loan files!  You could even argue that THEY DON’T WANT THEM!  Its a very odd dynamic to say the least.

My main job as a loan originator is to set your expectations properly. So buckle up! Let’s take advantage of some HISTORICALLY LOW MORTGAGE RATES, and grab our opportunity to reduce costs, save money, and build equity together! I always tell my clients: if everything goes perfectly this will only be a minor inconvenience.

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